How to deal with increasing potato prices in French fries processing

Recent developments have pushed the prices of potatoes to new heights. According to Belgapom report of December 17th, 2021, the prices of Fontane potatoes have increased to 130 Euro/ton. For the next 6 months, average contract prices keep rising and are expected to reach 170 Euro/ton by June 2022. Controlling and optimizing the dry matter content of French fries is the key to keep costs under control.

The Financial gain of using the moisture-sense

Inline moisture / dry matter measurements using the Moisture-Sense offer significant financial gains. When considering a 30 ton/h production line, a 1% change in dry matter corresponds to 1.9 ton/h less potatoes needed for the same output of French fries. Taking the 130 Euro/ton, the annual savings using the inline Moisture-Sense for a 30-ton line (running 24/7, 300 days/year) are 1.78 million Euro. Smaller production lines benefit from the Moisture-Sense as well. A 5-ton line has an annual saving of 200 000 Euro when optimizing the dry matter with 1%.


Inline dry matter measurements using the Moisture-Sense is a game changer in the production of French fries. Continuous data of the dry matter data allows to optimize the French fries production line saving up to 1.78 million Euro for a 30-ton line. The advantage also applies to smaller production lines with savings up to 200 000 Euro for a 5-ton line.