Measuring moisture

Moisture content

Measuring moisture content is essential to avoid the deterioration of your products during conservation or to prepare your products for further processing. Food and pharmaceutical products require a low moisture content to increase the shelf life of lyophilized products. Commonly used techniques such as thermogravimetric analysis or Karl Fisher titration are time consuming and destructive. Nowadays, near-infrared spectroscopy is introduced for quicker analysis, but is limited to surface measurements or transparent products. Aquantis uses microwave and millimeter wave technology to measure inline through the products and packaging material, providing a moisture level of the entire product.

Inline moisture measurements

Our inline sensing technology evaluates the moisture levels in real time by measuring through individual or layered products. This provides more complete information compared to near-infrared systems or the slower dry matter measurement devices. Our approach of inline moisture measurements is ideal for applications in the food, pharma and chemistry sectors. Applications range from monitoring the moisture levels in wood panels and French fries up to coffee beans and oil products.


Applications include every process or product which need to dry sufficiently before packing or further processing.


  • Dried food products e.g. beans
  • Lyophilized protein cakes
  • Powders e.g. coffee and milk powders
  • Moisture content in glue

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