How to make more profit on French fries processing

Since 2022, the potato prices are expected to reach new highs with prices up to 200 Euro/ton according to the latest Belgapom report. This puts additional stress on the French fry’s processors to stay competitive. Efficiently processing the raw potatoes to its final product is key. Controlling and optimizing the moisture content is a major step in this process.

Figure 1 gives an estimate of the annual savings when using inline moisture sensors like the Moisture-Sense series. In case of a 30 ton/h production line, getting 1% closer to the dry matter target corresponds to a reduction of 1.9 ton/h potatoes needed for the same output of French fries. For a price of 150 Euro/ton potatoes, the annual savings using the inline Moisture-Sense for a 30-ton line (running 24/7, 300 days/year) end up over 2 million Euro. Even smaller production lines significantly benefit from the Moisture-Sense as well. A 5-ton line has an annual saving of over 300 000 Euro when optimizing the dry matter with 1%. The varying potato prices can make these numbers further rise.

Figure 1: Annual savings in million Euro using the Moisture-Sense for different production capacities.


The Moisture-Sense series offer a game changer in the production of French fries. Increasing potato costs requires more efficient use of the raw materials. Accurately controlling and optimizing the moisture content offers significant financial gains in a time with rapidly rising potato prices.